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Vivo X30 5G Smartphone Likely to Launch this Year with Samsung’s Exynos 980 Chipset

With hardly a couple of months to go for the year 2019 to end, there is a leak in the Chinese social media circles that the Chinese brand will debut its 5G smartphone, the Vivo X30. The information has been shared in Weibo by someone who is a regular tipster and has been found to be right most of the time. There is a poster shared by this person and it does not provide a lot of details by way of specs or other information.

Collaboration with Samsung for the Chipset

Market sources confirm that the Chinese company had already tied up with the South Korean giant Samsung to develop an integrated chipset with a 5G modem in it. It now transpires that the Exynos 980SoC developed by Samsung will be fitted in theX30 smartphone. This phone’s predecessor is the Vivo X27. This is an octa-core chipset, with 2 Cortex A77 cores and six Cortex A55 cores. The former set takes care of the CPU functions while the latter manages the power consumption by the different apps in use. In terms of their clocking speeds, the A77 cores have a 2.2GHz frequency while the A55 cores clock a maximum clocking frequency of 1.80GHz. The Exynos 980 can support up to 108MP cameras in smartphones as claimed by Samsung. In terms of screen resolution, the processor can support up to 3,360×1440 pixels.

Vivo X30 Seen on Trademark Registration Platforms

If you feel the moniker X30 looks familiar, Vivo has reportedly registered this model. There are some more details about the soon to be released Vivo X30. One is that the front display screen will be bezel-free and no holes or notches indicating that the front camera will be a popup one.

This is the maximum information we have till now on this new Vivo X30 smartphone. The tipster on Weibo says the phone is likely to be launched by the company before the end of the year. Chinese phone makers follow different strategies. When they have to focus on advanced markets like the US, the UK and Europe, they look at the peak shopping season before Christmas that extends up to the New Year. For their home market China, the best time is the first quarter when the Chinese New Year falls. In 2020, the Chinese New Year of the Rat arrives early, on January 25. Vivo may launch the phone aiming to capture both these markets. You will have to wait for the official announcements from the company to get clarity on these.

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