Vivo Secures Patent to a New Mouse – Design Resembles Microsoft Arc

Vivo Mobile Communications Co Ltd, a subsidiary company of the global technology company Vivo, recently secured a patent for a new electronic product. The electronic product happens to be a new mouse, the design of which closely resembles the Microsoft Arc.

According to a report published on MyDrivers, Vivo filed a patent for the mouse quite recently. The publication number of the patent was CN306297489S. The patent gives a fair idea about the design and mechanism of the product. The sketches provide us with a glimpse of the mouse from multiple angles. Judging by the patent, one could say that the mouse has an arc-shaped design, similar to that of a bow. This very similarity is what makes one compare it to Microsoft Arc.

When one looks at the design from the top, the front end features a scroll wheel and is surrounded by the left and right mouse buttons. One of the most striking features of the mouse happens to be a large-sized touchpad on the rear end. This particular area covers a large part of the mouse and could have a multi-touch input system and several touch-based functions.

Vivo Mouse

From being a simple, wired device to being available in different shapes and types, the mouse has had a long journey. The earliest mouse had a ball attached to it and was used primarily in offices. The optical mouse was the next big revolution. With time, it went through a series of evolutions and emerged as the stylish, innovative, and high-utility device it is today.

The patent gives a decent idea about the integration of the mouse along with its handle comprising of the touchpad. The bow-shaped design is, undoubtedly, one of its most appealing features. When the Microsoft Arc was launched, it drew attention for its sleek appearance and novel design. It was a compact and portable mouse that offered a great degree of comfort as well. The new mouse by Vivo is expected to be along similar lines.

At the moment, there is no clarity as to when this mouse will be introduced in the market. The patent has made one look forward to it for two primary reasons – innovative technology and stylish design. One will get to know what more does it offer when it finally hits the market or when the company decides to release some information about it officially.

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