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The Vivino Wine App Never Dissappoints

Wine tasting is a thrilling experience especially if tasting for the first time. Now with the world where technology continues to expand and solve simple problems; including tasting a wine. Yes, there is a mobile app for wine tasting. Before selecting a wine, a person can get some review from people who have tasted the desired wine. You can take a photo of any wine label and instantly learn the wine’s rating, review, and average price. All supplied by our 17 million users – the world’s largest community of wine drinkers. Amazing right?You just take a photo while shopping for the wine or scan it. As a member of the group, you can instantly get reviews and ratings. It makes shopping for wine so much easier. You can try different wine without worrying if you purchase something good or of value.



The Vivino app is available on Google play, Windows, and Apple store. It is also free of charge and very easy to use. For Apple users, an operating system of  iOS 7.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. For Android users, the operating system required is  4.0.3 and above.





Vivino App Features Include

• Taking a photo of any label for instant information on the wine
• Getting valuable information on various wines.
• Checking prices to find the best deals and buy wine online
• Finding wine merchants in your area and comparing prices
• Viewing popular and trending wines in your area with weekly updated Top Lists
• Connecting with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Contacts
• Interacting with others, like and comment on your friends’ wines
• Following Featured Users to see what the wine-savvy crowd enjoys
• Saving wines to your Wish List
• Browsing wines, ratings, and reviews from more than 10 million users
• Uploading  photos from your photo album to add to your wine list
• Scanning offline

If you are a wine lover, you should consider this app. You can visit Vivino’s website for more information

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