Visible by Verizon Introduces Support For eSIM and 5G Service

Verizon, a telecommunications company based in New York, has made a major announcement that should set the tone for the way the company plans to grow and further penetrate the market this year. Visible, a prepaid carrier and a subsidiary company of Verizon, is launching support for its eSIM and 5G service. Apart from these, the company is all set to roll out several other new features that it hopes will appeal to both its existing and prospective customers.

The introduction of the 5G service implies that the owners of the OnePlus 8 will get all the services in their device which a modern-day smartphone, featuring the latest technology, offers. The 5G service has also made its way into the recently launched ZTE Blade X1 which has been priced at $384. Here is a list of things that have been newly integrated into Visible.


Visible now provides 5G, which is being facilitated by Verizon. At 200 Mbps, the speed offered is quite high too. The best part is that users would not have to spend anything extra to avail themselves of this service.

International Calls

People who are registered members of Visible and are based in the United States now have the facility to call their friends and relatives based in different and distant countries like Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, etcetera. No extra charge would be levied on them for it. This feature has already been implemented by Visible and can be used by members. If you are a Visible member and still cannot use it, just ‘switch on’ the feature.

Party Pay

Members can bring down their service costs to $25 per line every single month by using this feature. Earlier, only four members were allowed to join a ‘party’. But now, this restriction has been done away with and any number of people can be a part of a particular ‘party’. Below is a breakdown of the amount members have to pay per month to be a part of a ‘party’.

2 people in a party = $35

3 people in a party = $30

4 (or a larger number of people) in a party = $25


Members who have recently joined Visible can get their device activated while sitting at their home. The process would be over in as quickly as 15 minutes. All this will be done with the help of an eSIM. Now, you would not be required to break or clip your SIM card, visit a store or wait for your SIM card to arrive by mail. The eSIM is integrated into the device with the help of a digital facility. Most of the devices running iOS are compatible with eSIM. The company will soon announce which of the Android devices the eSIM is compatible with.

Referral Program

If you tell your friends, acquaintances, or colleagues about Visible and they decide to sign up for it, you will just have to pay $5 for the next month’s service. You just need to get them to activate and enter the referral code provided by you while checking out.


If you need some assistance in putting together a party, you can use the Community feature. Many members of Visible have found individuals and formed parties with them. You just have to visit the community platform on Visible, interact with the members there and ask them if they are interested in joining a party.

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