Viber For Windows 10 Gets New Features

Viber brought some new features to its official Windows 10 app. The features introduced with this update are also available for Windows 10 Mobile. So what the latest update brings?

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Animated stickers are finally available for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile users. Earlier this year, animated stickers were introduced to other platforms. Now, official Viber app for Windows 10 comes with animated stickers too. Once you update your Viber app, just head to stickers market and chose the animated sticker pack you like and download it.

Viber for Windows 10

What else is new in version 6.4? Aside from animated stickers, you can now save photos and videos to Viber folder. In other words, once you receive a photo or a video that have been shared in a Viber conversation, you can save those files to your Windows 10 device. Another addition is the ability to share your pictures and videos to any app. This means that you can share Viber conversation photos and videos to all other apps on your device, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Viber keeps improving its official app for Windows 10. Previously, they introduced versions 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 that came with some cool things. Version 6.1 introduces a major feature – video calls. When it comes to version 6.2, it brought many improvements and bug fixes, but that is not all. There are more supported languages and ability to change them with ease, and new design elements. Version 6.3 came with things such as large emoticons in chat, sticker support in toast notifications, ability to call directly from the chat screen, and more.

The latest version also has some interesting things we have mentioned above. If you like the idea of animated stickers, if you want to save photos and videos to your device, and share the photos to any other app, get the latest update from the Windows Store.