Verizon Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Get Pie Upgrade; Note 8, Tab S3 and Tab E Get Security Patch Updates

Latest software updates for a number of Samsung devices have been released by the US carrier Verizon today. These are the top end devices and in some cases, the upgrade to Android Pie has been added besides the Android security patches. Here are the details.

Samsung Galaxy S9: Software Update Version: PPR1.180610.011.G960USQU3CSAB

A lot of updates are being provided to the Samsung Galaxy S9. The main one, of course, is the OS upgrade to the Android Pie along with the One UI. Verizon has given a detailed note on its update page with the changes being brought about in the phone with this update which is 9th for the device. With the OneUI upgrade, the entire appearance of the screen and other layouts change thoroughly. The improvements to the camera section and the addition of One Talk add more glamour to the Galaxy S9 after the updates are downloaded and installed.

Samsung Galaxy S9+: Software Update Version: PPR1.180610.011.G965USQU3CSAB

With the same version number as the S9, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ too receives the same set of updates and the OS will now be the Android Pie along with the OneUI. Do read the instructions fully and after you are sure you got it right and then do as directed, to get the software updates on your device.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Software Update Version R16NW.N950USQS5CRL1

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 gets only the Android security updates of January 2019 and nothing much. The update is sent as OTA and the users have to just ensure that their devices remain charged. A Wi-Fi connection is better for the download of the update to be done smoothly. This is the 15th update Verizon is releasing for this device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Verizon

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: Software Update Version: R16NW.T827VVRS2BSA2

On this 9.7 inch tablet from Samsung, the latest updates from Verizon are meant to enhance the level of security and the Android security patches issued in January by Google are included in it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E (8.0-Refresh): Software Update Version R16NW.T827VVRS2BSA2

The OTA software update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E (8.0-Refresh) released by Verizon covers just the Android security patch for January 2019 and it is the 4th update the device is receiving from Verizon. The last one was released in November 2018.

There are standard instructions for all device users to follow while downloading the updates. It is useful to visit the relevant page on Verizon’s site before you update your device for the OS.

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