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Verizon Looking to Push Wireless Technology Boundaries, Nokia is Part of 5G Testing Phase

The 4G technology branch has been exploited for some time now and many believe that the appropriate companies and organizations should start looking into what is to be considered the next step in this particular journey. It would seem that the first ideas are being debated on the drawing board courtesy of Verizon which is currently testing out 5G capabilities. Nokia is also present in this affair as the two companies are working together to test the new 5G capabilities.

There are numerous testing locations which are being used to the fullest by Nokia in collaboration with Verizon. Nokia is not just using their own facilities such as their Irving, Texas HQ in the United States but also a great deal of Verizon facilities which are spread across multiple US states. Those interested can now that Nokia is testing 5G technology in Verizon locations such as Texas, New Jersey and Massachusetts.  The tests are all revolving around the same thing: 28 GHz mmWave (millimeter wave) radios overlooked by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

The mWave technology is what 5G pioneers most look up to when it comes to promising results. This type of technology is able to deliver up to 300 GHz (minimum of 30 GHz) which is considered high band spectrum. Just so you get an idea of the scale we’re talking about, the starting rate is thought to be 1 Gbit/s. That can be improved however through the usage of radio beam steering  as well smart antennas.

Of course, numbers won’t always do the job when it comes to modern consumers so it’s easier to justify the power of 5G in terms of movies. For example, downloading a movie now can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to half an hour and then even more. With 5G a movie should bee downloaded in a matter of seconds.

Nokia isn’t the only big shot that’s helping Verizon get to the bottom of this potential technological pot of gold that is 5G. Aside from Nokia, Verizon has enlisted the help of Ericsson and Samsung, two well respected and known companies with a lot of experience in the mobile industry. While most of the tests that have been done revolve around fixed wireless, Verizon also took the opportunity to bring mobile tests into the mix. It used events such as the recent Indy 5000 as a testing platform for its newest advances in terms of 5G.

While they are still in the testing phase of development, the potential value of 5G is unparalleled and promises a great deal. The possibilities are limitless at the moment although further research will manage to find quite a few grounding limits in the end. The overall improvement form 4G will still be astonishing.

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