Verizon LG V30, LG Zone 4 and LG Exalt Get November Security Patch Updates

Verizon has released a series of monthly updates and security patches for a few LG smartphones. The three phones now receiving the updates are the LG V30, LG Zone 4 and the LG Exalt. Each of these brings in some significant improvements to the handsets and if you are a Verizon subscriber in the US and own any of these devices to make it a point to download and install these updates. In most cases, these will automatically download and install after showing you a notification. Here are some of the highlights of these updates.

Software Update for LG V30

Verizon terms this the 8th System Update and the software version is VS99620g. Apart from certain security patches for the Android OS, the major improvement is being brought about in the front camera sections where a portrait mode is being added to help you make adjustments to the clicked portrait by using a sliding feature.

In addition, there is a Flash Jump-Cut feature added as well. Here you can create GIFs with images taken in a sequence every 3 seconds in this new mode. The LG V30 received its last update on September 1. Get more details about the update here.

LG V30 software Update

Updates for LG Exalt

The software update version is VN22013A. The mandatory December security patches for updating the Android OS are included in this December monthly update issued by Verizon for the users of the LG Exalt smartphones. On the functional updates, there is a new ‘Manage Contacts’ added to the menu under Contacts. This is the second update this LG device is receiving, coming a good 13 months after the previous one issued in October 2017. There are a few changes in the RTT call mode as well. You can understand the changes from here.

LG Zone 4 December Updates by Verizon

This device is receiving an update within a month of the previous one and this X210VPP12a version update brings in some improvements in the performance of the phone. Android OS related security patches are also included in the update and specific details have not been spelt out by Verizon in the notification. Any bugs that have been reported earlier have been resolved through this update, the carrier says.

Steps to follow to get the update for your phone

All these are over-the-air (OTA) updates and automatically land on your devices. The only factor for you to consider is that you have a Wi-Fi connection running on your phone since these update files could be large in size and you may lose precious data. Also, make sure there is enough residual battery life to last the full download and installation.

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