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Verizon Executive VP Hints Towards 5G Hotspots Instead of 5G Smartphones

The technology world keeps evolving and there’s no way to know what type of innovative technology is going to come next. However, Mobile World Congress is here and this is the event where all the world’s biggest tech companies unveil their latest devices. Verizon is one of the companies that hosted a panel at the Mobile World Congress and it unveiled something big!

5G Networks

The next step in upgrading smartphones is to get them on 5G networks. Therefore, Verizon was under pressure to unveil that this technology is ready, but it seems like Verizon has other plans. Instead of unveiling new 5G network connectivity technology, Verizon used its Mobile World Congress panel to let the entire world that smartphones which can benefit from 5G networks will not arrive in 2018.

This information was confirmed directly by Ronan Dunne who is Verizon’s EVP and Group President. In addition, Ronan Dunne went on an interview with Bloomberg where he said that that the time for 5G smartphones is not 2018 and that he believes those smartphones will come out in 2019.

Ronan Dunne Sheds Light on 5G Networks

In order to shed some light on this matter, Ronan Dunne decided to tell everyone that the only thing that people can expect related to 5G technology is networks by stating the following: “if there’s anything available in 2018, it’s more likely to be a hotspot”. The previous statement is quite interesting because Verizon was rumored to use 5G hotspots in order to bring some form of 5G connectivity to its customer base ahead of everyone else.

In fact, Chris Schmidt who is Verizon’s Executive Director of Device Technology said that Verizon is fully committed to bring 5G connectivity to its customers in the upcoming future. The only other company that could take the lead in developing 5G networks is AT&T. However, AT&T is staying silent on this matter and it doesn’t want to unveil any important information.

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