Users’ Privacy Safe Despite New Policy: WhatsApp 1

Users’ Privacy Safe Despite New Policy: WhatsApp

Recently, there was some news about WhatsApp implementing a new privacy policy for its users. There was always a certain section of people, including tech observers, who raised questions about the privacy and safety of people who used social media apps like WhatsApp. Now, with such news coming in, people have started discussing this issue again.

To address the concern of its users, WhatsApp put up an elaborate blog post on its website. The blog post had different sections dedicated to answering the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about privacy and security. According to the new policy, WhatsApp users will be required to share their data with Facebook. There have been certain instances when Facebook faced some lapses when it came to securing the data of its users. Because of this, many WhatsApp users raised concerns over the privacy of their data.

WhatsApp, at its end, has assured users that their data will be completely safe and that they need not worry about their privacy while using the app. It stated that the privacy policy has been updated for the better and do not put the data shared by users at any kind of risk.

WhatsApp was one of those apps or rather businesses that hugely benefitted from the lockdown imposed as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak across the world. A large number of people texted their friends and relatives to check on them. Many resorted to voice or video calls to interact with their colleagues and discuss work with them.

Also, earlier this year, as people across the globe wished their loved ones on the occasion of the arrival of the new year, WhatsApp set a record for the highest number of calls (voice and video) done through it.

In times when the app was seeing rapid growth and tremendous success, it would not have liked to deal with a controversy of this nature. However, the implementation of a new privacy policy was bound to elicit different kinds of responses. As the internet gets more and more accessible, the concern over one’s privacy and safety of shared data is growing.

Because of the rumors which surfaced recently, many users went to the extent of deactivating or uninstalling the app. The post released by WhatsApp has definitely helped a lot of concerned users feel a sense of relief. Now, it must engage with its users on a regular basis so that they can use the app without feeling worried.

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