Users of iPhone 5 Beware! Your iOS Version Needs an Update

Users of iPhone 5 Beware! Your iOS Version Needs an Update

The market assessment is that there would be very few users left with the iPhone 5 model released by Apple 8 years ago. However, the company is not taking any chances and is sending out messages in large fonts advising these users to check if the firmware in their phones is the version iOS 10.3.4. If it is an earlier version, don’t lose time in updating the software. This is because commencing 12.00 AM UTC, November 3, the GPS settings in your iPhone 5 will stop functioning and therefore many of the location-based applications within your handset will also not be made available to you.

GPS Time Rollover Issue Behind This

This GPS-related issue had cropped up earlier in the year in April. At that time, the rest of the smartphones running on Android OS were affected and Apple had released an update in July itself. If you happen to be still using the iPhone 5, take a few moments off to check if the software version on your device is up to date. This is critical because if you fail to do so post November 3, you cannot connect to the internet and all those services with access to App Store and iCloud. Checking your emails and browsing the net will not be possible. The only option then left for you would be to connect your phone to a PC or Mac and then restore the GPS settings.

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Very Few Devices Likely to be in the Market

Apple has itself given out figures that the iPhones and other devices running on versions prior to iOS 12 constitute only 9% of all their handsets sold and working. This figure the company has said is as late as October 15. Of these devices how many would turn out to be the iPhone 5 is anybody’s guess. Apple does take its users quite seriously and would go any length to send out detailed warning messages. Such actions endear the company to its customers.

How to Get the Update?

If you are familiar with the use of iPhones, it may not be difficult to check if the software on your iPhone 5 is updated to 10.3.4 or not. Just head to Settings>>General>>About. The entry Software version on that page must read 10.3.4. If you don’t see this, request an update of the software version. You are now good to go.

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