Users Can Now Operate Glitch-Free Linux on Apple Silicon M1 Macs: ‘Completely Usable’

A group of individuals who carry out research on security systems at Corellium has integrated a version of Linux to the Apple Silicon M1 chip that is expected to be launched under the aegis of an open-source license.

According to Chris Wade, the Chief Technology Officer at Corellium, the Linux version happens to be a full-fledged Ubuntu operated system which is loaded from a USB drive. Although the information available on the new version of Linux is quite limited at the moment, Chris confidently asserts that Linux is now ‘completely usable’ machines by Apple Silicon.

While a USB-C dongle facilitates network compatibility, the latest update done to the platform is touted to support I2C, USB, and DART. Wade also specified that the operating system by Ubuntu has only been designed for the ARM-based Raspberry Pi at the moment. As far as the port is concerned, there are some limitations associated with it. While the port supports M1 CPU, it doesn’t facilitation the acceleration of the GPU. This implies that software rendering is the mode on which you can see the graphics. As compared to the native performance in macOS, the graphical performance will not be very fast.

A teaser of the Linux port to Apple Silicon was first released by the Corellium team in January but one had access to very little detail back then. The earlier released versions of the port were only meant for advanced users and didn’t support USB and a few other important features.

The members of the team that worked on developing the checkra1n jailbreak for iPhone devices also developed the Linux port. On Friday, security researcher Longhorn stated that the Linux port holds a lot of promise but also made it clear that it would need further modifications.

Among other things, Wade stated that users should be able to load Linux on an Apple Silicon chip with the help of pongoOS. It is a pre-boot execution ecosystem that is positioned over checkra1n. The checkra1n jailbreak utilizes the checkm8 exploit that was launched in the year 2019.

On January 16, qwertyoruiopz posted a bunch of images of pongoOS loading on an M1 Mac system.

Corellium is a software virtualization company that aims at making prototypes of ARM-based technologies. A while back, the company was in the news because of a legal battle that it was fighting with Apple. Apple filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Corellium in the year 2019 as it was using iOS emulation software. Last year, in December, Corellium ended up winning the legal battle against Apple.

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