Useful Tips For Improving Battery Life On Galaxy Note 5

Love your new Samsung Galaxy Note 5? It surely is one hell of a smartphone with a big 5.7-inch screen, comes with Android 5.1.1 lollipop, 4 GB internal memory with options to expand up to 32 GB, a powerful 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, and a 16-megapixel camera along with a host of other features. This awesome phone is powered by a 3000 mAh, which is pretty good for a phone with these features but many have complained of not been able to get the best performance and battery getting drained far too quickly. So here are a few tips to improve the battery life of the phone and make your Note 5 battery life last longer.

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Tips to improve battery life


Use Samsung’s Power Saving Modes

Samsung has included its very own power saving features on the Samsung Galaxy note 5 which keeps your phone alive with a little bit of compromise on performance. The power saving mode when activated limits CPU performance, dims screen brightness, turns off backlit keys and reduces screen timeout. It does improve battery life a bit. To enable this mode, go to Battery and then select the Power Saving mode option and turn it on.

The ultra-power saving mode can make the phone last up to 7 days on a single charge. However, it comes with a catch. The screen will go grayscale, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be off and most of the apps cannot be used. Only basic functionalities like messaging and calling can be used without restrictions. The ultra-power saving mode can also be found in the Battery section under the normal power saving mode.

Adjust brightness even in Auto-brightness mode

You can tweak the brightness feature of the Note 5 to improve battery life even with using Auto-brightness feature at the same time. The Note 5 will continue to adjust brightness depending on the external environment, but you can control the extent of brightness the scale. Lower the brightness using the brightness scale and the screen will go dimmer. It does improve screen on time and improve battery life. Go to Settings>Display>Display options and adjust the brightness as per need.

Screen timeout

Setting a screen timeout of 1 minute or more is absolutely unnecessary unless you are reading something or we almost always forget to switch off the screen after use. Always prefer to keep the screen timeout at either 15 or 30 seconds as it reduces on screen time and the screen goes off sooner during inactivity. Change the screen timeout by going to Settings> Display> Display timeout > and then select the timeout.

Try using Darker themes and wallpapers

The Galaxy Note 5 sports a gorgeous AMOLED screen. It makes the colors look more vibrant and also displays super deep black colors. The LED panel uses a lot of power to display the whites and the brighter colors but technically turns off the pixel, as in cutting off power when it displays black. So extra energy used to display the color isn’t used, and your Note 5 battery life does improve a little. So consider using dark or black based wallpapers, screensavers and themes.

Disable Smart Stay feature

Smart stay prevents your phone’s display from timing out when you are looking at it. It is quite a useful feature but the front-camera is pinged every few seconds to check whether you are still looking. It can be easily done unless you use the phone too much for reading. To disable this feature, go to Settings>Display> Smart Display and turn that feature off.

Turn off unnecessary connectivity

When you are not using features like Wi-Fi, data and Bluetooth turn them off as they work in the background and use up quite a lot of power which ultimately means lesser battery life. Simply disable them from the notifications area when not in use.

Disable Briefing pane

The Briefing pane, situated at the leftmost corner of the home screen allows users to keep up to date with latest news and features. It is a pretty heavy widget which can make you phone freeze momentarily and pings the news server to automatically sync with a host of news features. Remove that app and use Flipboard. To uninstall long press homescreen> Uncheck Briefing.

Use the full charging potential of the phone

Faster charging has become very popular with smartphone users recently and Samsung has its own Adaptive Fast Charging charger bundled with the phone which will give the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 a considerable battery boost in a short span using Qualcomm’s quick-charge technology. Compatible wall chargers, car chargers and power banks come equipped with the tech so there will be no issues in finding the right charger.