How to Use Maps on Apple Watch

Apple Watch is indeed helpful when it comes to guiding its user through the roads. Apple has done much more for its users than just including a map. The tap notification that it sends to its users lets the users concentrate on their driving or their surroundings if they are walking without having to stare back at the watch after every two minutes to ensure that the route is correct. Here is a quick guide on how to use Maps on Apple Watch.

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 How to Use Maps on Apple Watch

Step 1. Pull Up the Maps:

To begin with, open the Maps by clicking on its icon once you have accessed the home screen by pressing the Digital Crown (the small dial on the side of Apple Watch). Maps can also be opened if you tap on an email or address or if the Maps is in your Dock the side button can be pressed and then you can swipe to the Maps screen.

How to Use Maps on Apple Watch

Step 2. Look for the Location:

Once the Maps is up you can check your location by tapping on My Location. Use the Digital Crown to zoom in or out of the location or just sweep around the map with your finger as you would do it on the Maps app on your iPhone.

Step 3. Search for the Desired Location:

Tap on Search to find the location you intend on going or you can browse on Nearby to locate neighbouring locations – a restaurant or a shopping mall etc. Both Search and Nearby are located on the main menu. You can long press on My Location on the Maps and directly get options of Search and Nearby.

On selecting Search you will get the option to select from a list of places that you have looked for lately on your Apple Watch and iPhone. If you are looking for a new location then the dictation tool will help you search for the location. You can also select from the Favourite list or ask Siri. Users can also look up for a location and get directions on their iPhone and these directions will automatically come up on the Apple Watch also.

Step 4. Get Directions:

Apple Watch also offers an easy way to get directions to work or home. There are two options at the top of the main Menu. The addresses are taken by the Maps from your card in Contacts so you should ensure that the addresses in the Contacts have been labeled as Work and Home. If this is in place then Apple Watch will offer you directions with just one tap. If you open My Location on Maps and long press on it then you will get the Contacts icon from which you can select the address of the contact you wish to get the directions for.

Once the desired destination is selected, scroll down to see the Directions and then click on driving, walking or public transport to get an estimate of the time it would take you to get there and click on Start to begin your travel route.

Step 5. Follow the Taps:

One of the best things about Maps on Apple Watch is that it will tell you when to turn with taps. According to the instructions of Apple – three pairs of two taps means you need to turn left and a constant series of twelve taps means to turn right. The watch will also vibrate if you are nearing your destination and will do it again once you have reached it.

Step 6. How Long Did You Take:

Apple Watch also displays the estimated time taken by you for reaching the destination.

Step 7. Cancel Directions and Save Battery:

If at any point of time you wish to cancel the location you just need to click on the map and when you see Stop Directions on it touch the ‘X’ to cancel the trip. Also once you have reached the destination make sure that the directions have been stopped so your Apple Watch doesn’t run out of battery.

It is quite simple to use Maps on Apple Watch, people have been finding their way through a town or city effortlessly and now even you can!

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