How to Use Less Data on Instagram

Every Instagram user is probably familiar on how much data is drained on photos and videos while using the app. The app tends to eat up a lot of data when you are not connected to the Wi-Fi. Instagram has always been about pictures and videos – while it is quite a famous app amongst the general users along with celebrities it is everything except data-friendly. If you want to know how to use less data on Instagram, keep on reading.

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Steps To Use Less Data On Instagram

The steps below will enable you to use less data on Instagram.

  • Open Instagram and click on Profile
  • Here click on Settings which is at the top of the app towards the right.
  • This will give you a list of options. You need to select Cellular Data Use.
  • Toggle the switch and enable the Use Less Data option or just select it from the list
  • Go out of the Settings and you are done.
  • You can disable this option in the same way whenever you don’t want to save data.

how to use less data on Instagram

How does this setting help to use less data on Instagram?

Most users may be wondering on how this setting actually works and how your cellular data is saved. Instagram says that this setting once enabled on the app stops the videos present in your app to preload whenever you are connected to a cellular network. As a result, the videos that are present on your feed will take more time to load than they actually would when the setting is off.

The videos have been set by Instagram to preload by default – this is for a good user experience so they don’t have to wait too long for the video to load. By choosing not to let Instagram preload the videos you also choose to wait for videos to load – as the loading time is prolonged.

Enabling to Use Less Data on Instagram doesn’t, however, impact the way Instagram runs while using a WiFi. Whenever you are connected to a Wi-Fi Instagram will resume the same function and preload the videos and keep them ready for you.

Preloading means that the app downloads the entire video before you can open it. The video is actually ready to play once you open your app and scroll to it.

The setting doesn’t disturb the auto-play setting so the videos will definitely play automatically when you reach them however, they will not load completely unless you scroll through them. With some patience and this setting, you could actually save a lot of data. The lesser you scroll to a video the more data you can save.

This is an easy to execute setting that helps you to use less data on Instagram.

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