How To Use Hancom Viewer On Samsung Galaxy Tab S

The Hancom Office Viewer is an application that allows a user to open files such as Microsoft Office and PDF, which enables the viewing of spreadsheets, documents and presentations. We shall focus on how to use Hancom Viewer on Samsung Galaxy Tab S in this article.

Below are step-to-step procedures for various formats and files:

> Go to the Apps screen and Tap Hancom Office Viewer.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Use Hancom Viewer On Samsung Galaxy Tab S

To search for documents

  • On the Apps Screen, tap the Hancom Office Viewer.
  • Now, tap on open in order to browse through documents.
  • Then to search for documents recently used, tap the recent documents icon.

To read documents

  • On the Apps Screen, tap the Hancom Office Viewer.
  • In recent documents or any other folder, tap any document desired to read.
  • Then tap on Menu and make use of any of these:

On Presentation:

  • Find is to search for text.
  • Edit to make corrections.
  • Slide show to start a slide show (on the first page).
  • From Current slide to start from the current page.
  • Zoom is to change its view size.
  • Document info is to enable the user to view the details of the document.
  • Show Presenter View actually is display when connected to an external monitor.
  • Print is to for printing when connected to a printer.
  • Send is to share it with others.

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On Word Processor:

The following functions are the same: Find, Zoom, Print, Send, Edit, and Document Info. Others are:

  • Show/Hide Comments can actually show or hide comments on any document.

On Spreadsheet:

The following functions are the same: Find, Zoom, Print, Send, Edit, and Document Info. Others are:

  • Sort is to sort cells by a particular criteria.
  • Show formulas is for the user to view formulas inside the cells.
  • Gridlines is either show or hide the gridlines.
  • Freeze Panes is for keeping selected rows in order.
  • Show All Comments is to show or hide memos.
  • Print Area is to select where to print.


The following functions are the same: Send, Zoom, Hide/Show Comments and Print. Others are:

  • Search is for searching text.
  • Properties is for viewing details of documents.
  • Vertical page scrolling/Horizontal Page Scrolling/Continuous View is for changing the view mode.
  • Reading view is just for the user to view documents only.
  • Go to page is to view a particular page.
  • Bookmarks is for the user to view any bookmarks.

To manage documents, any of the following options can be used after tapping Hancom Office Viewer, Save and selecting Documents or Folders:

  • Rename which is to rename a folder or document.
  • Move is for moving documents or folder to another folder.
  • Copy is for copying documents or folders.
  • Delete is for deleting documents or folders.
  • Send is for sharing or sending documents to others.

All these works on all Samsung Galaxy Tab S. And following these steps easily one can use Hancom Viewer on Samsung Galaxy Tab S.


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