How To Use Google Allo On A Computer

Google Allo is an exciting messaging app where you can do more than just writing – big emoji’s, stickers and doodle. You also have the Google Assistant on Allo. The app has some exciting features such as Smart Reply which offers suggesting text and emoji’s single tap. You can slide up to shout and get your entire text in caps and slide the cursor down to bring it to normal size or whisper. It already sounds exciting, right? For those who are looking forward to using the app here is a guide on how to use Google Allo on a computer.

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Steps to Use Google Allo On A Computer

How To Use Google Allo On A Computer

Before we begin, remember Google Allo supports only Android phones and doesn’t work with iPhones.

  • Allo works on supported browsers only. It is important that you have Firefox, Chrome or Opera.
  • Next, you need to install Allo app on your Android phone. You can do this by going to the Play Store. Look for Allo and install it on your phone and register yourself
  • After this go to Allo mobile app’s menu and here check for ‘Allo for Web’
  • Next, on your computer go to Allo
  • Along with this open Allo on your phone too
  • Here go to Menu > Allo for Web > Scan QR Code which is displayed on your computer using your phone. The QR code is a unique code which helps in pairing the mobile app to the computer. The Allo for web will display whatever is on your mobile app. In case the battery of your phone goes out of battery or if you exit the mobile app then Allo for web will not work
  • Within seconds the Allo account on your phone would sync with your computer.

Once you set up the app you can use Google Allo on a computer.

There may be problems while setting up Allo on your computer. Users trying to set up Allo should check for the following:

  • Ensure the Allo app installed on your Android is up to date
  • You should have a good internet connection
  • If the QR code is not scanning take your phone scanner near the computer and keep the code within the scan screen
  • Keep your phone unlocked
  • Some firewalls may restrict the web connection make sure they are open
  • All Chrome extensions should be turned off else they may block Allo for the web.

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