Apple Watch’s Pedometer to Count Steps and Distance

Apple Watch comes with many awesome features. It monitors the heart rate by counting your steps to measuring the distance walked. The Apple watch does it all. The Pedometer in the watch is an inbuilt step counter app.

There is no requirement of a paired iPhone to get the status on your Apple watch. The Apple watch step counter has a different feature, which calculates the mileage and also take steps on its own. Here are some of the steps which will help you gain access to Apple watch step counter.

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Gain access to Apple watch step counter

Step 1: Look for the concentric multi-color app, which will be the activity app of your watch.

Step 2: With the help of the digital crown, scroll down at the activity screen.

Step 3: This will expose the Pedometer features and you will see the steps count under the ‘Total count’ option.

Apple Watch is capable of counting the steps even if the iPhone is not in a race or unpaired. The data calculated by the watch will sync in once the iPhone is paired. The iOS Health app is the display of the entire workout statistics.

For the user who doesn’t have an Apple Watch can also track their workout counts on their iPhone using the device accelerometer. But to get the stats one has to have the iPhone with them while walking or running. The Apple Watch has many more features to endure. The watch can also make an estimation of the calories burnt while doing physical activity. Hence, the watch is for the active people and for those who is elevating their daily activity.



There have been questions on how accurate the Apple watch is while measuring the activity. Well, the answer is that every person’s activity differs with respect to their height and weight. The watch will initially ask for some generic setups, depending on your vital stats along with the user’s age. And with the help of iPhone’s or watch’s own GPS, it’ll calculate the activities. As we all know, that steps walked and distance measured are two different but scarcely related terms.

Apple watch step counter accuracy entirely depends on the user’s physique. The more accurately the watch is fed with the data, the more accurate statistics the user gets. The iPhone’s GPS calculates the number of steps can be taken within the distance the user has walked. And by integrating the data provided it calculates the number of steps taken and calories burnt. The step counter app is designed to keep the person healthy and motivated to achieve more.

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