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USB-C Watch Charger Available From Apple

A couple of new products have been recently added on the Apple store by the tech giant. One of them is the iPhone XR. In addition to that, a USB-C charger was also introduced for the AppleWatch. Previously Apple’s smartwatch could be charged only using a USB-A cable which means that this new introduction will make some Apple Watch users very happy. If users would own a 2016 version Apple watch or a MacBook Pro, it was difficult for them to use that way of charging in particular.

Now, those users are no longer limited as Apple has finally addressed the problem. At the moment the tech giant is selling USB-C chargers for its Apple Watch. If you are interested in getting your own, keep in mind that it can be purchased for $29 from the online store of Apple.

USB-C Charger

Rumors anticipate that the USB-C is a standard that Apple is just getting started on. One device from the company that is expected to be announced later this month, the new iPad Pro, is one of the few tablets from Apple that might be released with a USB Type-C port.

Unfortunately, we have not received a confirmation for that rumor yet, but at least we know that Apple is now selling USB-C chargers for its Apple Watch which makes many users happy. Once the new iPads are unveiled, we will see for sure if the company wants to commit to the USB-C standard fully. It just remains to see if they want to do that or not. On 30th of October, there is an event scheduled by Apple where most likely the new iPads will be talked about and where we will also see if Apple wants to stick with the USB-C standard for a long therm.

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