How To Upload Ebooks To Google Play Books

Earlier, Google Play Books was just a closed system that used to allow you to read only those books that you have purchased from Google. But, fortunately, things have changed now and the users are able to upload their own ebooks to the Google Play Books e-reader successfully in just a minute. You can upload the e-books to Google Play Books either from your mobile app or else from the Play Books website. TSo, if you are an avid reader and wondering how to upload ebooks to Goole Play Books, keep reading this article as we have explained the process in details.

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However, there are some requirements for uploading ebooks in the Google Play Books and these are:

  • The books should be either in PDF or EPUB format.
  • It should be DRM free.
  • The file you want to upload should be present on your computer, phone or in the Google drive.

Once, you have ensured that all the mentioned requirements are followed, move on to the process of how to upload ebooks to Goole Play Books.

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How To Upload Ebooks To Goole Play Books:

There are two ways to upload ebooks to Google Play Books. You can either do it from the mobile app while it can also be done from the Play book website. Both the process are listed here.

How to upload ebooks on Google Play Books

How To Upload Ebooks To Goole Play Books: From Mobile app

It involves two easy steps:

Step 1: in order to upload ebooks, first, you are required to enable the book upload first. To do so, follow the steps.

  • First, open the Google Play Books app and tap on the three lines at the top left corner
  • Select the Settings option from the slide out menu
  • It will bring different options from where you need to tap on the ‘Enable PDF uploading’ checkbox.


Step 2:

Once you have enabled the PDF uploading option, next comes the uploading part. If you have downloaded the ebook then open the download screen to select the ebook you want. It will bring some options from where you need to select the option ‘Upload to Play books’. Next, select the option ‘just once’ or else ‘always’ and the ebook will be uploaded in the e-reader app in just a minute.


How To Upload Ebooks To Goole Play Books: From the Play Book website

If you want to upload the ebooks from Play Books website, the step to enable to book upload is not needed. Rather uploading can be done in just a second.

  • First log into the Google account using your account details.
  • Next click on the upload button located at the top right corner.
  • Select the file which is to be uploaded and that’s it.


So, this is the entire process to upload ebooks to Google Play Books. Choose the method that suits you best and you’ll be done in no time.

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