Upgrading Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro the Easy Way

The only way to go If you want to install your own apps from the Internet on the Windows 10 S device you have is to upgrade the license key to the Windows 10 Pro. However, this is a one-way ticket, since you can’t go back to the previous version.

Joe Belfiore, who works as the corporate VP for operating systems at Microsoft, confirmed the information in an interview he gave before the launch event on Tuesday in New York, about Microsoft’s Windows 10 S. He said that it’s a “one-way switch”, so after you switch to the Pro version, if you install the apps found on the Internet, they will have an effect that is unpredictable.

Unpredictable Apps

He added that most apps behave well after installing them, but there are others that add some code wither into the boot or into the login path for Windows, and once you do it, you can’t undo it without affecting the respective apps.

No Turning Back

At the same time, Belfiore declared that it might be possible to reinstall Windows 10 S, but the company will most likely not share copies for their users to do it. So the best conclusion in general is that if you upgrade to the Windows 10 Pro, most likely you should expect not to return to the 10 S.

Windows 10 S addresses schools and devices that don’t really require all the feature present on the Windows 10 OS. Similar to the iOS released by Apple, Microsoft wants to make a controlled product out of it. According to the tech giant, the trade-off lets PCs boot faster and makes sure that their performance will not decrease in time. Moreover, they also provide better security for the machines, so isn’t it enough to convince you to switch?

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