You Can Upgrade iPhone Internal Storage From 16GB To 128GB For About $87

A mobile phone repair shop in China offers an interesting thing related to the storage upgrade of the iPhone. They have started offering iPhone storage upgrade services dengan harga cukup murah. The customer can upgrade iPhone internal storage from 16GB to 128GB for about $87 USD (¥ 550.00).

“Mobile phone repair shops in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai have sparked curiosity on sidewalks and social media by offering the service, which appears aimed at the many aspirational Chinese device users who can’t afford the roughly $200 premium attached to large-capacity iPhones.” reports the WSJ

The repair shop that has a website, named is offering service for both iPhone and iPad. This is interesting, because you can save more than $100 to get an iPhone with the highest storage. There is no official report yet related to  the performance issue, which is caused by this internal storage replacement. The thing needs to be noticed, this shop is not an authorized service provider, in which you can lose the warranty if you upgrade your iPhone storage. Apple can easily find the odd of the serial number on your iPhone, which is not same with the storage size inside.

Source: WSJ via iClarified

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