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Upgrade from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro

The new Windows 10 S operating system should just run apps that come from the Windows Store, but this might turn out to be problematic for the majority of Windows users. If you have bought recently a Surface Laptop, or you are thinking of the Windows 10 S computers, then it’s not a difficult task to upgrade to the Windows 10 Pro version. You can get the upgrade for free in 2017 for any computer running Windows 10 S that costs $799 or more, as well as for schools and accessibility users. For people who don’t fall into these categories, the upgrade costs $49 and you can get it through the Windows Store.

How to Upgrade

In order to trigger the switch, you will have to download an app that doesn’t come from the Windows Store and to try to install it on the Windows 10 S computer. Now you will see a dialogue box that explains you how the OS is restricted and if you want a way out. If you choose to see more, you will be taken to a page that allows you to switch to the Windows 10 Pro, plus you will see a comparison between the two. Depending on the case, you will have to pay $49 or you will get a free upgrade.

Things to Take into Account

Remember that once you upgrade, you will not be allowed to go back. Even if you reset the computer, you still can’t go back to the Windows 10 S. Moreover, you can enter your own key for Windows 10 Pro manually if you want not to pay the $49 fee. It’s a good idea to back up all the data before, so as not to lose anything. The switch will last less than a minute and you will keep all the apps and settings.

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