Updated Information Says That Sims 5 Will Not Be Launched In 2018

Virtual worlds are becoming more and more popular, so games which are based on fictive characters are gaining a lot of terrains. The Sims is one of those games which the whole world likes to play. It was released in February 2000 and until March 2002, over 11.3 million copies were sold.

This unexpected success led to the release of Sims 2 in September 2004. After this step, the developers, Electronic Arts, decided that they can launch more updated versions, so June 2009 was another important month in their calendar. With this occasion, Sims 3 appeared, but this time without the participation of Will Wright, the original designer. He decided to leave the Sims team for developing his personal projects.

What’s up with Sims 4?

Like we mentioned before, Sims became popular all over the world, so in 2014 Electronic Arts decided that it’s time for another update. In September they launched Sims 4 and at the beginning, they were focused on making it as successful as previous versions. Meanwhile, players are becoming anxious to see the Sims 5. Now they are waiting for its release, but it seems that this event is quite far.

When is Sims 5 expected to appear?

No information is official yet, but we might see the expected game in the first part of 2020. Somehow, fans knew that it will take a long time until Electronic Arts will be able to develop expansions of the Sims 4. Since the latest version of the game wasn’t received so well by critics, the Sims team might take the time until early 2020 to finish working on Sims 5. After all, the version will have to compete with one of the most popular parts, Sims 4.

This delay is not good news for Electronic Arts, because fans are expressing their disappointment regarding all the flaws from the Sims 4 version called “My first Pet Stuff”. Ever since it was released, gamers noticed that it has many missing features and started to ask for solutions.

Even so, the developers decided to ignore people’s reactions and the fact that they didn’t manage to achieve their goal. This might be the main reason for extending the Sims 5 developing period. If it’s taking so long, they’d better bring some impressive features. Since we don’t know anything for sure yet, we’ll just have to wait and see the final result.

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