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Should You Update to iOS 10.3.3?

Apple’s iOS mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets is an amazing take on the mobile OS concept. In fact, iOS is so well put together that it sometimes manages to outshine all of its rivals, including Android. And now to strengthen the competition even more, both Android and iOS are getting new version released this fall, or maybe earlier if all you users out there behave yourselves. No, but seriously now, iOS 11 is just a few steps away from being released.

Still, Apple released iOS 10.3.3, another slightly improved variant of the original iOS 10 released last fall. But with iOS 11 coming so soon, is it even worth updating to iOS 10.3.3 anymore? Keep reading to find out, because the answer might shock you.

Important Security Flaw Removed

The short answer is yes, it’s totally worth it. So now let us explain why. We get it, on the surface iOS 10.3.3 looks like yet another bland routine update that is just paving the way and killing time before iOS 11 comes out. And for the most part it kind of is, but it also takes care of some important bugs and oddities, alongside one pretty terrible security flaw.

Did you know that your Apple device’s Wi-Fi chip could be easily corrupted by hackers so that they gain access to your entire phone? This particular threat was so severe that it could have potentially allowed attackers to gain full control of a device and its motherboard through said affected chip.

If you weren’t aware of this, we don’t blame you. Not too many people were, but this is a real threat that iOS 10.3.3 stops. So update your device to it today. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and some users can’t afford to wait around for iOS 11.

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