Update for Clash of Clans to Include PvP Mode

Supercell is preparing to release their new update for Clash of Clans and this leaves fans on stand-by while the patch is being fine-tuned. However, while the fans wait, they can read up on all the juicy rumors that surround the next patch.

According to a representative for Clash of Clans, the dev team is still hard at work smoothing out any rough edges that this new patch might have. This has been done via the game’s Facebook page and can be checked for more information.

But, intrepid fans have discovered several leaks that might provide some information as to what Supercell is planning to do with the game, be them in the next patch or others.

A rather old rumor, the Shipwreck Feature has been known by players since the end of last year. They have released a teaser which hints to a big update that is in the works. Since this has been an official trailer for the game, we can expect that soon players will have to be dealing with this new feature.

After players managed to repair the ships, then they will be able to engage in the new feature that apparently is being planned out. Namely the Multi-Village feature will allow you to expand your settlement and form a new village in new lands.

A new night-mode feature has been leaked on a Chinese website. It will apparently permit a player to do more tasks while night has arrived in the village.

What the big expectation is for the latest patch is the introduction of a new PvP feature. This information stems from a Russian App Store, which apparently managed to leak some information about it. There we can see a barbarian holding a flag with the Australian colors on it, which might suggest a new way of playing the game.

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