Unreleased Nokia Windows Phone 8 Handset Leaks

With all the excitement startled by the QWERTY keyboard that was included on the BlackBerry KEYone model, now we got a new leak regarding the Windows Phone 8. This device was never released, but it seems that back in 2012, Nokia had put some effort into developing some ideas about it. Apparently, the handset addressed the business market and it should have run on an older version of the OS.

Windows Phone 8 Features

The phone that never got released presented a physical QWERTY keyboard on the front, plus it was running an earlier version of Windows Phone 8. The unit went under the codename Nokia RX-100, and the photos that leaked have actually been discovered on a Chinese website. In fact, the device looks a lot like the 2011 model named Nokia E6, which also presented a QWERTY keyboard. However, the difference is that the latter ran on Symbian, not on Windows.

From what it seems, the Nokia RX-100 had an AMOLED screen, packed with some 2 GB internal storage inside of it. The physical QWERTY keyboard contained 39 keys and it didn’t have a special numbers row. In 2012, people were speculating that Nokia was trying to cater to the US carriers at the MWC event with their new model. Obviously, this didn’t happen and as such, the Nokia RX-100 never got to be released.

It is interesting to see what Nokia could have released back in 2012 and to figure whether the phone would have impacted the market in any way. Of course, compared to the phones we have today, this one may not seem like much. Even so, we’re pretty sure that it would have had some success, even though the US carriers were not thinking the same probably since they rejected the offer at the time.

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