Unlocked US Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphones Get No Extra Camera Features with the October Update

The South Korean giant Samsung has released the October security update for its unlocked models of the Galaxy S10 in the US. However, the update leaves North American customers unhappy because it does not have any new features for them. Similarly, the US October update for Galaxy Note 10 did not have any feature that the same handsets in other parts of the world received in the last few weeks.

The Exynos version of Galaxy Note 10 that Samsung sells worldwide except in the US received the September and October updates in a time gap of two weeks. However, the unlocked US versions did not receive the features that its global counterparts got in September with both the updates. Customers can only hope that the upcoming update will include the missed features.

What Were the New Features?

Some of the new features that the Galaxy smartphones worldwide received were with respect to the camera. A Reddit post confirmed that the October update for the unlocked phone in the US also did not have AR Doodle or Live Focus. This means that users with the corresponding global devices had access to these two features. Comments indicate that they are specific to the Galaxy Note handset and that they might have been left out due to security reasons.

Galaxy S10 update

How to Get the October Update

Owners of unlocked S10, S10+ or S10e smartphones can download the October update on their devices in two ways.

One method is to go in for over the air update by opting for Settings > Software update on their handsets. The software version is named G97*U1UES2BSIC and has a size of 192MB.

The other way you can avail the update is to use the company’s firmware that is present in their firmware archive.

Global Galaxy Note 10 Features in One UI 2.0 Beta

By the time Samsung is ready to roll out the next update, customers will be actively involved in testing Android 10. Moreover, the features present in global Note 10 smartphones are likely to be a part of the One UI beta that the manufacturer is going to release soon. This beta version will be available to those who own unlocked Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e smartphones in the US apart from these handsets operating on Sprint or T-Mobile networks.

The Android 10 beta is also likely to be made available in South Korea and Germany during the first phase.

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