Unique iPhone 6 Cases with Cheap Price

iPhone 6 is more than just a smartphone, it’s a life style and personality. Someone personality can be seen from the way she put on her out fit, the way she talk, and also from the way she pimp her iPhone. Usually people buy cover case for their iPhone beside for protection reason also for style. One may love her iPhone without case, while another one are searching for the unique iPhone cases. For some people, price is not a matter but for another want their budget for buying this unique iPhone cases may low. If you are one of them who are searching for the unique iPhone 6 cases with cheap price, we give you some choices.

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The Unique iPhone 6 Cases with cheap price

Tough Armor Case For IPhone 6

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The Slim Armor Case-Corners from Technobezz comes first in our list because of its unique and spontaneous look. This stylish case is made to showcase the durability, protection, and it promotes a compelling and smooth feeling in the hands. Available for the price of $19.99 at Amazon, this Slim Armor Case-Corners is coated with silicon rubbers which minimize the impacts of drops. It fits to the iPhone 6 easily and all buttons, features and ports can be accessed to without removing the case.


Crystal Leopard Head PC Case Cover Skins

The unique iPhone 6 cases with cheap price


This gorgeous iPhone 6 case cover is 100% handmade. The seller said each single one is unique in the world because it’s made by handmade so the pattern is slightly different between each of them. You can get this pretty thing on eBay with only $11.99.

Real Handmade Bird Chain Owl iPhone 6 case

unique iPhone cases with cheap price

Although it’s made of plastic+alloy but it looks like it’s made from a wood. It’s designed and produced by one of leading manufacturers in Hongkong. It’s said it’s homemade and each worker only can make a few phone cases. The price is very cheap on it’s only $2.39 + $1.99 shipping.

Star Trek Starfleet Case For iPhone 6

the unique iPhone 6 cases with cheap price


So, are a big fan of Start Trek movie? This unique iPhone 6 case with simple design yet elegant can be one of you Start Trek collection. And it’s not that expensive. On ebay you can get it with $13.99.

Moon Phases-Lunar Phases-iPhone 6 Black case

the unique iPhone cases with cheap price


This simple but pretty cool and elegant iPhone 6 case design from Andre Gift shop that you can find on Amazon with extremely cheap price, only $1.99 from list price $6.99. Which mean you are saving $5.

3D Cute Cartoon Spongebob Soft Silicone Rubber Case

unique iPhone cases with cheap price

This adorable cute 3D Spongebob iPhone case can you get with only $2.99 on ebay. Isn’t that very cheap for a cool and cute product? even if that case is very cheap but it’s not look as a cheap stuff at all.

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