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Unexpected Surprise for Apple’s iPhone X

Unexpected Surprise for Apple’s iPhone X 1

Most people have been really excited to get their hands on all of the most recent pieces of information relating to Apple’s latest smartphone line. However, while Apple’s new iPhone plans look amazing to the average viewer, analysts have uncovered a number of small problems that may turn out to be huge problems if Apple does not address them immediately. The reduced price of the devices was one of the first things to catch people’s eyes.

After all, who is going to say to no a cheaper Apple device packed with almost all of the same specs that a regular one would have? However, behind these small prices there might be hidden a bigger problem for the company, and today we are going to tell you all about it.

Cheaper screen for iPhone

In order to cut the costs of the device, Apple is looking to source OLED panels for their 6.5 inch Apple iPhone X Plus, and these screens will be sourced from none other than Samsung. Samsung is the sole supplier for OLED panels when it comes to the iPhone X. However, the cost of the panels may be felt by the people that decide to buy this latest smartphone.

LG is well known for making bad OLED panels that have left things to be desired, taking it out from the possible list of candidates for Apple. LG’s panels can be seen in action with the Pixel 2 XL, where the smartphones were sunk in the market due to the controversy about its bad displays and with LG’s current V30 which had a screen so bad that it was named a deal breaker. This implies that the only good makes of OLED panels out there on the market, at least at the moment, is Samsung.

Unexpected Surprise for Apple’s iPhone X 2

If you were wondering why iPhone X cost almost one thousand dollars then you might want to know that this price tag was hugely influenced by the price tag of the OLED panels that came from Samsung. If the tech giant will decide to partner up with the South Korean company then they will have to be very careful during the negotiation process. However, Samsung has the upper hand since choosing to partner with LG would mean that Apple would have to use screens that are subpar and which will undoubtedly affect their sales and the satisfaction level of their consumers in the process.

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