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Ultrasonic Samsung Galaxy S10 – Fingerprint-on-display (FOD) Makes Sensation

Even though we take into consideration the extended period we still need to wait for the release of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, rumors do not stop coming day by day and more essential and select. Ming-Chi Kuo who comes from TF International Securities has been delivering accurate and private leaks about upcoming products for a long time. He has a system of sources, mainly supply chains of big companies, which never fails to provide him with juicy gossip that we have never hear before.

The tech analyst suggests that the new Galaxy S10 will come in a series of three model with different sized screens of 6.4 inches, 6.1 inches, and 5.8 inches. A FOD (fingerprint-on-display) will be featured on the larger models so the user will be able to unlock their phone only by touching the display. The scanner of the two large models mentioned before, according to Kuo, will be ultrasonic while the smaller version of Samsung Galaxy S10 will have the fingerprint scanner placed on the side of the device.

More about the ultrasonic scanner

This kind of scanners has been worked on for a while by Qualcomm. The way it works, it sends ultrasonic waves to penetrate the skin which then creates a 3D model of that fingerprint. In addition to that, it can work through metal and 400-micron glass.

This fingerprint-on-display (FOD) will make a big difference in the competition between Samsung and Apple and their next generations of handsets.

Just like Vivo X21, on the back of the Galaxy S9, Samsung has retained the fingerprint scanner but moved it to the front which is generally considered to be a more convenient arrangement for the user.

The competition

The users of Apple’s iPhone X had already got used to the FaceID and Touch ID, the fingerprint recognition system that the company uses, but they have said that in some cases a fingerprint scanner is way more useful. For example when they want to access their device without picking it up or when it comes to using Apple Pay, the fingerprint scanner comes in handy. If Samsung gets the FOD (fingerprint-under-display) scanner right, it will become their significant advantage in the competition with Apple.

The tech analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, expects Samsung to ship over 40 million Galaxy S10 phone in 2019, which will be dominated by the larger models which will also be more expensive.

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