UC Browser Best Tricks For A Safer Browsing

UC Browser Best Tricks For A Safer Browsing

UC Browser is developed by the UCWeb Company, owned by the Chinese Alibaba Group. It was launched in 2004 as an app and can be run on different platforms, such as Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone, and even Microsoft Windows.

It’s a great browser for downloading and browsing stuff over the internet, but it has been found that the privacy and security is not the Company’s main focus. It’s vulnerable to Logjam, FRFEAK and POODLE because it uses outdated RC4, SSL 3 and SSL 2 which are also having security issues.

But if you don’t plan on logging into your accounts or making payments via this browser, you may use it for other stuff. The PC version is a great browser and very versatile, as it can use the extensions which Google Chrome offers in their online store.

Learn to Use the UC Browser Faster

If you want to experience a fast working browser, then you must learn some keyboard shortcuts. There are over 30 hotkeys, not easy to memorize but you can check them out once in a while in our list.

Navigation Hotkeys

These are simple; if you want to go forward you press ALT + Right Arrow, for back ALT + Left Arrow.

To go to homepage press Alt + Home, to reload all pages Shift + F5, reload a single one F5.

To cancel loading a page you can use Escape and to cancel all loading pages Shift + Escape.

Tab Controls

You can press CTRL + T for a new tab and CTRL + M or CTRL +N for a new window.

For more complicated hotkeys you can try closing all tabs with CTRL + Shift + W, restore all closed tabs with ALT + Z and more.

General Hotkeys

You can mute the page with ALT + M, view history with CTRL + H, view downloads with CTRL + J, CTRL + S to save the page, CTRL + F to find something in the page, CTRL + O to open file and so on.

There are more hotkeys out there for UC Browser that you can try. This small list will make your work more efficient and speedier in UC Browser.

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