Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones – Release Date, Rumors, News, Updates and More

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones – Release Date, Rumors, News, Updates and More

Skull and Bones is the new action adventure game surrounding piracy and warfare on the sea, awaiting release in PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. You can set the sail in the Indian Ocean and show your legendary prowess among the pirates, the trading corporations, and colonial empires. The game portrays the rule of pirates as the captains in the mask of traitors, who are the rulers of some of the most powerful and the strongest weapons on the Earth. You play the role of an arrogant captain who has abandoned the pardon of the king and sailed from the distant Caribbean to the Indian Ocean. The sea is rather untamed and there is full of luxurious riches in this route.

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones

However, the waters are not as smooth as you become familiar with a battleground in which there are ruthless and ferocious clashes between the pirates, the trading corporations that are equally powerful and the colonial empires that have spread branches far and wide. No one is sure what the game would have before E3 conference 2018, and until then you can happily presume that it is a game revolving around a large number of pirate ships.

Skull and Bones Release Date

Even though the official release date is yet to come out, you can expect the release somewhere around 2019. The developers of the game are Ubisoft, Blue Byte and Chegdu.

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones release date

Story of the game

The central theme of the game is naval warfare, and the unique stylistic aspects are the cornerstone, the thing that is characteristic of the developer Ubisoft. You will find some similarities with Rainbow Six: Siege and For Honor where there are fewer story elements. It is all about establishing your supremacy on the battleground that takes place on the sea. If you are the one to master the art of privacy, you will love this game. The living world in this game is strong indeed and surrounds what you can call the Hunting Grounds. As the rival groups create trouble on the sea, you become a part of those intense struggles. For that matter, you will not find a structured narrative in the story, and no one knows what happens in the Indian Ocean. However, according to a confirmation that has come from Ubisoft, you get the opportunity to view the coast of East Africa or Mozambique, which is also known as the Quirimbas Archipelago.

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones story

Your take on Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones

What are the things that keep you engaged in the game? Apparently, it seems that you sail and fight. However, it is a much simpler way to put the things together although there are deeper sequences involved. It may not be easy to sail, considering the new sailing engine that the developers have introduced in this game. Managing the sails is another thing that requires some sort of tactics, as the wind tries to overpower you every moment. You are not only fighting battles against the other groups traversing on the sea but the rough waters as well. The sharks and the storms peep here and there, but the string waves can make the navigation difficult. Usually, the wind blows in the opposite direction as you set your sail, and it is hard to deal with the strength of nature. Just as you find a direction and manage your sail, you have to execute different responsibilities as you fight with the opponents and maximize the use of some of the superior weapons. Whether it is dealing with the mortars present at the pinnacle of the ship or the starboard cannons, you have to exercise your skills.

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones Hide

Strengthening the activities

However, executing different roles and responsibilities does not mean that your fight with the sea is over. Ideally, you have to play the roles and manage the big waves to position your ship properly. Surely, the waves can cause damage to the ship, but your crew must be smart enough to patch those damages so that it does not sink when it should float. The materials for repairing the ship can be obtained from the things you looted during the trip.

Looking for treasure

One of the prominent options that guide you through the opposing forces of nature on the sea is the things you loot. Whether it is the in-game hunting approach or the standard leads that is needed to collect hidden treasure, the players can stock as much as they need. Whether you obtain the treasure through the force of manipulation, brutality, or by controlling the routes of trade you follow, you can get everything from pearls to cotton and coffee, and also add more silver to the collection. The money that you obtain comes back to the ship. In fact, you come across versatile ships in this game, and each one has different abilities. You can choose the one that can take that big hit or another one which is agiler, but not fit enough to hit hard with the starboard cannons. You decide which one suits your play style.

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones treasure

Upgrades in Skull and Bones

You can collect standard or legendary materials for an upgrade and handle the task of choosing your own crew according to your preferences. Although you may need enormous money when you make choices, it is only when you live the life of a pirate can you afford to have the nicest crew by your side. The activities can be managed in a preferable hideout in the game where you can choose to upgrade the ship to change your approach on the battleground. You can also manage your crew and do a lot more as you are safe from the Hunting Grounds. It is the safest haven in the game. However, you may not get many of those opportunities to land at the shore. The developer of the game has confirmed that the hideout is the only place where you can relax, and the rest of the game revolves around intense fights and struggles on the sea.

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones updates

Changed concept

The developer of the game is planning to introduce the concept of Seasons in this game, and the gamers will experience the uniqueness of this notion. With in-game events that change the conventions of playing games, you will have much more to enjoy. The Seasons coordinate with the Fortunes, and one is the Favorable Winds, that bring more merchants who love to beat the fast-paced winds while moving the ship on the sea. It also signifies the season of looting and plundering, so you must prepare to compete with the other players if you want to stay in the game.

The next faction is Hostile Takeover, during which some of the biggest warships can be spotted on the seas. Although the commodities may dry up a bit during this time, it is one of those opportunities you can utilize to pull down enemies and wait for those nicest rewards. The Fortunes will come and go with the appearance of a new season.

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones Developer

Options of microtransactions

There are lots of opportunities of microtransactions in the game, but they are predominantly cosmetic. You can customize various elements of the ship and the captain such as; the ship wheel, sails, and the figurehead. Some of the options can be tied with the gameplay, although the developers have not really made it vivid how they are going to approach the issues of microtransactions.

Signing up for beta access

If you are anxious about playing the game, you can sign up for the beta access although there is no confirmed timing or the release of the beta. However, if you do not sign up, you will never get the chance to play this intense game of battling on the waterfront.

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones News and rumors

During the E3 conference, it was told that there are no heroes in the game, as players sail in the Indian Ocean for piracy. Although there is confirmed news about the inclusion of single and multiplayer options in the game, no one is quite sure about the approach and mode of the single player. The multiplayer option, on the other hand, comprises a few modes. Even though you can gather a lot of wealth as a pirate, you might become a soft target for the other groups venturing into the sea for plundering actions. The team that picks most of the loots can oppose the other groups. While you juggle different roles in the game such as; checking the speed and the direction of the game, the surroundings and controlling weapons, you have to climb the crow’s nest as well to get a better view. According to Justin Farren, the creative developer of the game, there is no confirmation yet whether loot boxes will appear in the game.

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones news

Pushing back the release

Will Ubisoft delay the release of the game further down 2019? It is just the release window that the developers have announced, and the waiting period is far from over yet. Until the release of the game, you can think about how to hunt along the multiple trade routes in the game battling the factions, the warring weather, and coping with the other deadly threats that constantly changes the world around you.



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