Two Safe Alternatives to iOS Jailbreak

Needless to say, jailbreaking has been quite the hot topic lately, and that’s not because we think it’s useful. Still, Apple’s vehement actions against it surely triggered a lot of interest around this practice, an interest that we all hoped had died down when it should have a few years ago. Naturally, with jailbreaks in the tech limelight again, you need to expect a lot of people to start attempting them. If you’re one of them, here are two safer alternatives to the traditional jailbreak that are also a lot less risky.


The first one we suggest is zJailbreak, which is cool because it’s a jailbreak substitute that feels and acts pretty much like the genuine thing, but it doesn’t require you to root your phone, tablet or any other iOS device. Rooting your iOS device is what can be potentially dangerous to it during the jailbreaking process, so if there is a way to avoid that while still reaping the full benefits, why not take it?

zJailbreak gives you a lot of access to third party app stores and customization themes that you’d normally get when jailbreaking your device, except you don’t have to actually do it. So if you want to try this, please use this safer method, or the next one we’ll tell you about right now.

Sideloading apps

Unlike Android, iOS is not an open source system, thus it doesn’t allow unauthorized apps to run on it. Except that it does if you know how to deactivate the adjacent limitation (it’s not even hard, just go to Settings). Then you can just sideload apps from one device to another, regardless of whether or not Apple approves of them. This is another way to get the apps you would when jailbreaking without risking to brick your device forever.

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