Two Methods To Restore Mozilla Firefox Browser Functionality

Despite all of its qualities and advantages, many users are facing problems of constantly unstable work of Mozilla Firefox (for example, it works slowly) and then many people are wondering how to increase its performance. This guide will show you two methods to restore Mozilla Firefox browser functionality.

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Two Methods To Restore Mozilla Firefox Browser Functionality

Create new profile

The Firefox browser uses Profile Manager to create and remove Firefox profiles. Who does not know, it is a user folder, where all the data of changed settings, passwords, and installed add-ons are stored in. By creating a new profile, you will get the program to its original state. To create such profile:

Press keyboard combination «Windows» + «R». In the window that appears, type “firefox.exe -P” and click “OK”.

The Profile Manager will be launched – it allows you to manage your browser records:


In this window, create a new profile by clicking on the appropriate button, and then continue to use Firefox browser. If the browser opens, it means that the fault is not in the application files, but in the user actions.

You can continue to work with the new account, or try to move the files from the old. What you need to enter in the address bar is «about: support» and click on the “Show folder”. Go to a higher level (Mozilla>Firefox>Profiles) to see two directories from both existing accounts.


Refresh Firefox

If the browser is started, but is extremely unstable, the solution of the problem of how to recover Mozilla Firefox is resetting. The developers of this function called it “Refresh Firefox” and to perform It, it is necessary to open the page «about: support» and click on the button “Refresh Firefox».

Confirm the action and wait until the browser is closed and the start again.

Important! In fact, this procedure also creates a new profile and resets all settings in the browser. The only difference is in the fact that all of the user data, including bookmarks and saved passwords, are carefully exported in a special folder on your desktop, where you can access them.

These are two known methods to restore browser functionality that 100% work.




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