Two Alternatives to a Laptop: the Surface Pro vs. the iPad Pro

The newest releases on the tablet market this month are the iPad Pro from Apple and the Surface Pro from Microsoft. Both of them are packed with amazing specifications and were highly anticipated by the public. Even though they were just released, the two tablets already received a lot of astonishingly good reviews that state that both are a very good alternative to a laptop. On top of that, the fans have gone crazy over them.

Even though the iPad Pro is a tablet, it also offers a keyboard base so as to be used just like a laptop, and can sometimes be faster than a laptop thanks to its A10X Fusion chipset and 4GB RAM with an internal memory of 44 GB to 512GB. One great disadvantage is that the Smart Keyboard is sold separately for $159 and doesn’t have a touchpad integrated. The other big disadvantage is that it doesn’t allow any other iOS besides iOS 10 or greater.

From the start Microsoft’s Surface Pro was considered to be a tablet-laptop hybrid. Surface Pro packs a 4GB to 16GB RAM strength with a 7th generation Intel Core Kaby Lake processor and an internal storage of 128 GB up to 1TB. As Apple, the Microsoft Signature Type Cove keyboard is sold separately for $159, but has included a touchpad. Surface Pro has Windows 10 installed on it, but you have the option to change it if you desire.

The price range of the two tablets is between $799 for the Surface Pro and $649 for the iPad Pro from Apple. Now it depends on you what you like more and what you want to do with the tablet. Maybe you are a businessman that needs a small and easy to carry laptop, or you just want a fine tablet on which you can play and watch some movies.

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  1. Another review site says:

    “The iPad Pro runs iOS 10, just like an iPhone, and as such is primarily a tablet. So you’re not really intended to plug much into it.”

    So HOW is this a pro device then??

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