Tough Competition Ahead for the Foldable Smartphone Market in 2020

The upcoming year 2020 is expected to see the smartphone market release over ten foldable smartphones globally. One of the designs will undoubtedly be the Clamshell design. Five manufacturers are already set to release a foldable phone each before the end of this year. They are Samsung, Xiaomi, Loyoy, Huawei, and Lenovo. Samsung has aptly named its foldable smartphone like Samsung Galaxy Fold. The next year will see more manufacturers like Oppo, Google, and Vivo join the bandwagon with more than one model of their foldable smartphones. According to a recent industry report, Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, and Samsung are already working on Clamshell design folding type smartphones for next year’s release.

The Clamshell design smartphones open and close upwards and downwards on their horizontal axes. This is sure to remind one of the old feature phones from manufacturers like Motorola that came with a folding mechanism. However, the usability aspect is what makes the present folding smartphones from their old counterparts.

Materials used to design the foldable smartphone

The foldable smartphones are likely to feature more than one material for their construction. They are expected to have a transparent polyimide film. The display screen will feature a foldable window material Ultra-Thin Glass for the first time.

Screen size for the smartphones

The in-out folding type smartphone that is currently in the market has a screen size of 7 to 8 inches. However, the upcoming Clamshell smartphones will have a smaller 6 to 7 inches display to focus on light and low usability.

Samsung has already begun working on a Clamshell design smartphone with a 6.7-inch screen. This phone is expected to make its entry into the market at the beginning of the next year. In a recent news release, Oppo mentioned that a large screen display would contribute significantly to enhancing both visual effect and user experience. So, one can, in almost all probability, expect a large screen for this manufacturer’s handset.

Other specifications that can be expected

Not all of the foldable smartphones in the pipeline will have the Clamshell design. Some of them will fold inward while others will fold outward. They will also have display screens of size 7 inches, 8 inches or 12 inches.

The folding mechanism of Oppo’s smartphone will be a rotating mechanism between two housings that are connected with a hinged display. The foldable smartphone will be highly advantageous for those who plan to use it for watching movies, playing games, and business communication. It will also incorporate the DVB-H specification to offer mobile TV for its users.

There is no clue at the moment on the exact number of smartphones that will be released. However, there will likely be various sizes and designs to cater to the tastes of as many users as possible.

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