windows 8 not loading black screen with cursor


1 boot your windows 8 in safe mode
2 go to search and type msconfig
3 navigate to start up tab
4 disable all the high priority apps and the application that are useless
5 save and reboot


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I still have the black screen with a mouse pointer appeared when I moved the mouse otherwise disappeared. Funny thing was if I left the black screen for over 30 minutes or more the black screen went to log on screen and it works as normal. If I shut down the computer and start again it went to black screen and just wait again. Very frustrating. I tried many suggestions from tech-geek but failed.

Can anyone out there help?


Well, I have a similar problem, the only difference is that I have a Radeon HD8870M graphics card (Ativ Book 8). I finally managed to install an older Intel driver, but nothing related to DirectX actually works.

Another problem is that AMD still have no relevant graphics driver (they have a beta for win 8.1, but it doesn’t actually work on my system).

I cant imagine what was the reason for MS to release this half-baked sh*t which does not deserve to be called even a beta (it looks more like an early alfa for professional software testers).


i’ve got black screen and mouse cursor on my screen even in normal or safe mode. and i cant move the cursor unless i use external mouse. i cant open task manager either… pls help me!!! i use compaq presario laptop and window 7.