Wifi only works in my local bar. Intermittent everywhere else

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    Hey. My Samsung Galaxy S4 has stopped connecting to wifi recently. It's listing my home wifi as "out of range" (even though I'm in the house in front of the router). I've tried connecting it other places (shopping centres, libraries, my workplace etc), but getting the same problem.

    I know that my wifi annentae isn't totally broken as I can get connect partially at times.

    Bluetooth is also intermittent, mostly off, but pings to life for a few seconds every hour or so.

    I've tried a full factory reset and took it into Samsung shop. However, theres a tiny scratch on the screen and Samsung won't fix it under warranty because of it.

    I can, however, connect to wifi in my local pub (good excuse for a pint, but not very practical!). Not sure if this is part of the problem.

    I've searched everywhere for a solution, but no one, as yet can help me. Any ideas folks??
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    For me changing the time

    For me changing the time zone, date and time worked for me

    >Date and Time On your phone

    >Change your Time zone to your correct location

    >Change your date and time to the present/ correct date.

    >Restart your modem
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    Here is an In-Depth Article

    Here is an In-Depth Article how to fix WIFI Issues with Samsung Galaxy S4

    Nick McMahon Here are some of the things I suggest :

    Manually remove all devices that are connected to the modem, then reboot it.Normally,there is a small button at the back.WIFI devices tend to interfere with other devices especially if it's sharing the same frequency and channel.

    Check your frequency with this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.farproc.wifi.analyzer&hl=en

    then read the article above to terminate the issue
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