Why My Wi-Fi Slow On iPhone 4?

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    One of the issues you can experience on your iPhone 4, which is equally frustrating as when Wi-Fi isn’t working at all, is the slow Wi-Fi. You do have the connection, but it’s poor, which means you can barely open the page in Safari, use some apps, check the email, or else. We have some solutions, so make sure to try 5 ways to fix slow Wi-Fi on iPhone 4 listed below. Hopefully, Wi-Fi connection will be normal again.

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    5 ways to fix slow Wi-Fi on iPhone 4

    Solution No.1: Toggle Airplane mode

    As the iPhone 4 user, you probably know this trick, but in case you have forgotten it, here is a reminder:

    • Navigate to Settings
    • Turn on the Airplane mode
    • Wait for a couple of seconds
    • Turn off the Airplane mode.
    Solution No.2: Disable Wi-Fi networking services

    For some, this fixed the problem:

    • Navigate to Settings
    • Tap on Privacy
    • Tap on Location Services
    • Choose System Services
    • Disable Wi-Fi networking
    When you do that, turn the Wi-Fi off, and back on again. Check the connection.

    Solution No.3: Restart your iPhone

    To restart your iPhone 4, press and hold the power button, and when slider shows up on the screen, drag it to the right in order to turn off your device. Again, press and hold the power button, to turn it back on.

    Solution No.4: Unplug the router and modem and plug them back in

    Whenever you are having Wi-Fi issues, this solution can fix them. What you need to do here is to unplug the router, wait for a couple of seconds, and plug it back in. The same thing is for your DSL or cable modem – unplug it, wait a bit, and plug it back in.

    Solution No.5: Reset network settings

    When it comes to slow Wi-Fi connection on iPhone 4, when Wi-Fi isn’t working at all, or when you have cellular or Bluetooth issues, reset network settings is the solution that can fix all those problems. What you need to do:

    • Launch the Settings app
    • Tap on General
    • Tap on Reset
    • Choose Reset Network Settings
    • Confirm the action.
    Once you reset network settings, iPhone 4 slow Wi-Fi issue will be solved.

    One of these 5 ways to fix slow Wi-Fi on iPhone 4 will work for you, and you will notice a huge, positive difference. Once you fix the issue, you’ll be able to use Safari, check emails, and use your favorite apps which require an Internet connection, because your connection will be flawless.

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