Why My Samsung Galaxy S3 message Notification Error?

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    A very common problem that users are facing on their smart phone is Samsung Galaxy S3 message notification error. The messaging app of Galaxy S3 displays that you have one unread message but when you open it, it will show all the messages in your inbox have already been read. Some users have complained on the forum that they are stuck on the messaging app on their phones under the notification. They tried to open all the messages to get rid of Samsung Galaxy S3 message notification error, but can’t. Users also tried to solve the problem by restarting their phones and by clearing the app data but only some worked.

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    Solution of Samsung Galaxy S3 message notification error
    There is nothing to worry if you also are facing the Samsung Galaxy S3 message notification error as there is an easy solution for it. You just need to follow few steps and then the message notification problem on your Galaxy S3 will be resolve.

    1. Go to Application Manager on your S3.

    2. Then tap on the 'All Apps' option.

    How to fix Samsung Galaxy S3 message notification error
    3. Click on the “badgeprovider” option.

    4. Then tap on Clear data.

    5. Now restart your phone.

    After restarting your phone the problem should be resolved. Most of the users who were facing this problem have found the solution following this way.

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