Why My Moto X Camera Flash Stopped Working?

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    The Motorola Moto X is a darling of a device with a plethora of remarkable features which set it apart from the rest of the phones and devices on market display shelves. However, despite being highly capable in a number of ways, there are very simplistic and miniature errors, faults and issues which arise to the average users whilst using it. Taking for instance the camera flash and the unknown reason for why it stops working.

    5 Ways To Fix Moto X Camera Flash Stopped Working
    1. Switch on the flash setting
    The first way to fix the camera flash issue in the Moto X is to check if it is switched on from the settings. Accessing the settings page is highly easy as all a users has to do is to swipe the camera screen to the right. You may then adjust the settings as you wish including switching on the flash.

    1. Reboot your device
    Many a times it so happens that certain settings are not fully acknowledged by the device even after the users activates them. This issue mainly arises with the installation of new apps, downloading of data or adjustment of settings. Rebooting your device could work to resolve the camera flash issue.

    1. Reboot Your Camera
    By heading over to your Moto X’s settings and from there to the Apps, you should then select Camera and clear the app’s data and cache. This works like a reboot for that specific app and hence is what resolves the camera flash issue and any others which may have arisen. Many users laud this fix as it almost always resolves the issue at hand.

    5 Ways To Fix Moto X Camera Flash Stopped Working
    1. Launch the device in Safe Mode
    Launching your device in Safe Mode is a simple way of determining exactly where the issue lies. Hold the Power button until the Power Off window appears. From there tap and hold the Power Off option until the screen displaying the Reboot to Safe Mode appears. Select that. Next, run your camera in Safe Mode and the reason for why the flash won’t work will be displayed.

    1. Contact customer support
    If Step 4 does not help then it goes to show that your device is suffering from a hardware problem and not a software one. In this case it is advised to contact customer support and request them to look into the issue. This works best if you are within the warranty time period but, that does not mean that once it finishes you should not contact them.

    5 Ways To Fix Moto X Camera Flash Stopped Working
    Avoid going to a mobile repair technician at all costs.
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