Why My iPod Error 1417?

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    Usually, when you want to restore or update your iPod in iTunes software, everything will go smoothly, and you will finish the task you planed easily. However, update or restore may be interrupted with the message that unknown error has occurred, and you will see the error number. In this case, it is iPod error 1417. You won’t be able to proceed until you solve the problem and in this article, you can find some useful suggestions how to do so. Here are 5 ways to fix iPod error 1417.

    5 ways to fix iPod error 1417

    Solution No.1: Disconnect and reconnect your device

    As you know, many times the simplest solutions will fix the problem, even when it seems too complicated. Disconnect your iPod from iTunes, and reconnect it after a couple of seconds, then try to restore your device.

    Solution No.2: Update iTunes software

    Whenever you are experiencing any kind of issue with iTunes, this is exactly what you should try. Here is how you can update iTunes software:

    • If you are a Mac user – open the software, and choose iTunes from the menu bar located at the top of the desktop computer or laptop screen, and select Check for Updates. Follow the steps, and install the latest version.
    • If you are a Windows user – open the software, and select Help from the menu bar, then choose Check for Updates. Follow the steps and install the latest version.
    When you update the software, restore the iPod. Most of the time, this step solves the problem.

    Solution No.3: Restart your computer

    There is a reason why you every so often see this as a solution for a wide range of problems – it works! A simple reboot of the computer can easily fix all kinds of issues, including iPod error 1417.

    Solution No.4: USB

    There are two things you can try. The first one is to connect your iPod to the other USB port. When you do that, try to restore or update. If that does not fix the problem, you should disconnect all third-party devices you don’t need at the moment, from other USB ports. You can leave the mouse and keyboard.

    Solution No.5: Security software

    It is a well-known fact that security software may cause all kinds of iPod and iPhone errors. Here is what you should try:

    • Update your security software – check if there is a new version available.
    • Disable your security software – when you do this, try to restore or update. When you finish the task, don’t forget to enable the software again.
    • Remove the software from your computer – if the previous solutions did not fix the problem, uninstall the software from your desktop computer or laptop. You can install it again when you update or restore your iPod.

    These kind of glitches won’t occur too often, but when they do, all you need is a bit of time and patience to solve them, and with these 5 ways to fix iPod error 1417 you will do so.

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