Why My iPhone iMessage Wait For Activation Error?

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    iPhone iMessage wait for activation error

    All iPhone users simply enjoy iMessage. At least most of the time. The level of joy won’t be as high when you see the message: wait for activation. This error is without any doubt highly frustrating, but there is some good news as well. The issue can be fixed with several available solutions. We prepared 5 ways to fix iPhone iMessage wait for activation error, and hopefully, one of them will work. Let’s start.

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    5 ways to fix iPhone iMessage wait for activation error

    Solution No.1: Check time and date on your device
    If the time and date on your iPhone are not properly set, this annoying message will appear. Go to Settings, and choose General. You will see Date & Time. Make sure to choose Set Automatically, because that way, everything will be set correctly, including the time zone.


    Solution No.2: Reset your router
    If you are using your home Wi-Fi, maybe something is wrong with your network. Turn off your router, wait 15 seconds and turn it back on again. Connect to your network, and start iMessage again.

    Solution No.3: Apple ID Sign out
    Try this step as well. To do this, click on Settings, go to Messages, click on Send & Receive, tap on your Apple ID, and then choose Sign Out. To sign in again, click on Use your Apple ID for iMessage. Enter your ID. Check if the iMessage is working now.


    Solution No.4: Toggle Airplane Mode
    This may be helpful as well. In Settings, turn the Airplane Mode on. Leave it that way for several seconds, and turn it off again.


    Solution No.5: Reset location and privacy settings
    To do this, go to Settings, General, and choose Reset. Click on Reset Location & Privacy. Your passcode will be needed, and one you enter it, follow the given instructions.


    With a bit of luck, one of these 5 ways to fix iPhone iMessage Wait for activation error will solve the issue. If not, make sure to contact your carrier for further instructions.

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