Why My iPhone Error 3259?

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    There are certain situations in which you will have some issues with your iPhone, like with any other device. In general, iPhones work excellently, but errors during the update, for example, are one of the problems you might have. Some users have reported the error 3259, which may occur during the device update, but it may also show up when you are trying to connect to the iTunes store. If you have the same problem, there are some things you can try. In this article, you will find 5 ways to fix iPhone error 3259, all of them very useful. In most cases, these solutions will solve the problem successfully.

    5 ways to fix iPhone error 3259

    Solution No.1: Update iTunes

    If you don’t have the latest iTunes version, many errors may show up, including this one. Open the software, and check if there are updates available. Download and install them.

    Solution No.2: Disable firewall

    This is one of the things which may be the key. Simply disable the firewall on your computer, and then try to update your device, or connect to the iTunes store.

    Solution No.3: Update antivirus software

    If the antivirus software you are using, is not up to date, you may have some issues during the update. Check if there is a new version available.

    Solution No.4: Turn off your antivirus program

    For some users, this simple action solved the problem. Turn off your antivirus program, and see if there will be any difference. After you have successfully updated your device, turn on your program on again.

    Solution No.5: Reinstall iTunes

    One more thing which can be helpful is the reinstall of the iTunes software. Remove it from your computer, and install the latest version available.

    We hope these 5 ways to fix iPhone error 3259 were useful, and that you updated your device, or connected to the iTunes store successfully.

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