Why My iPhone Error 3004?

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    If you found yourself in a situation when your phone, simply got an error alert in the middle of updating or restoring or even doing nothing, don’t panic. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues with iPhone devices are various errors that simply appear at some point, but you can fix the most of them yourself, without calling the Apple Support for the additional assistance. Of course, that always remains as your latest possible solution. If you see the error 3004, keep on reading, because we are going to help you out. To solve this, try these 5 ways to fix iPhone error 3004 that we have prepared for you.

    5 ways to fix iPhone error 3004

    Solution No.1: Restart your modem

    Many users solved the issue within seconds, by simply restarting the modem. In most cases, the problem is the network connectivity, which is why this simple step this can fix the problem. Turn off your modem, and after 10-15 seconds, turn it on again. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable, and try to update again.

    Solution No.2: Restart your computer

    Have you restarted your computer lately? If the answer is no, this solution may do the trick. Close iTunes, and restart. Turn your computer back on, and try to update or restore.

    Solution No.3: Firewall

    Firewall sometimes may be the problem. Allow iTunes in the Firewall options.

    Solution No.4: Update iTunes to the latest version

    All 5 ways to fix iPhone error 3004 are simple, including this one. Open the iTunes software and follow these steps:

    • If you are using Mac, from the menu, select iTunes, and Check for Updates;
    • If you are using Windows, from the menu choose Help, and then Check for Updates.

    Solution No.5: Update or turn off your security software

    Error 3004 may be connected with your security software. First, try to update it if you don’t have the latest version. If that does not help, simply turn it off, and restore or update your device.

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