Why My iPhone Error 2001?

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    One of the errors that you may experience while using your iPhone is error 2001. It usually appears when you try to update or restore your device with iTunes, but it can also appear for no apparent reason. As any other error, this one is quite frustrating. If you have this problem, try these 5 ways to fix iPhone error 2001, because they are helpful, simple, and effective - perfect combination.

    5 ways to fix iPhone error 2001

    Solution No.1: Restart your device

    As you already know, sometimes, the restart is all you need, and this is without a doubt the simplest possible solution out of 5 ways to fix iPhone error 2001. You need to press and hold the sleep/wake button, until you see the slider. Choose to turn off the device. After several seconds, turn it back on.

    Solution No.2: Restart your computer

    As mentioned before, this error often occurs when you are trying to update or restore your device via iTunes. Turn off iTunes, and restart your computer. Turn on iTunes again, and try to perform the task.

    Solution No.3: Change the USB port

    The USB might be the problem. Change the USB port when connecting your device with your computer. Make sure to use the cable you got with your iPhone.

    Solution No.4: Unplug everything you don’t need from the USB ports

    This is simple and easy to do step. Unplug everything from the USB ports you don’t need at the moment, just leave your mouse and keyboard.

    Solution No.5: Latest version of iTunes

    Make sure that you installed the latest version of iTunes. If not, download and install it on your computer.

    • For Mac users: Open iTunes, and choose iTunes from the menu. Check for the Updates. Follow the given steps.
    • For Windows users: Open the program, and choose Help from the menu. Click on: Check for updates.
    Source - iphone-apple-errors- more information
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