Why My iPhone Error 1646?

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    For iPhone users, updating or restoring their devices usually goes smoothly. Sometimes, that is not the case, especially when the error shows up in the middle of the task, including error 1646. Many errors can be solved in the same ways, but we are trying to provide the solutions for each error separately. In this article, you can read 5 ways to fix iPhone error 1646, and by following the instructions, you can get rid of it. Be patient, and with a bit of luck, you will be able to move on to restore or update.

    5 ways to fix iPhone error 1646

    Solution No.1: Use the original cable

    If you have been using a third party cable, instead of the one you got with your iPhone, it may be the reason why the error showed up.

    Solution No.2: Change the USB port

    Another solution which is considered as very simple is this: unplug your iPhone from the USB and plug it into a different one. For many, this simple step easy to do step solved the problem.

    Solution No.3: Unplug unnecessary devices from USB ports

    This can be useful as well. Make sure to unplug all the other devices you do not need at the moment from other USB ports. Hopefully, it will do the trick.

    Solution No.4: Close virtualization apps

    Close the virtualization apps which may cause the problems in communication between your iPhone and your computer. Close VMWare or Parallels.

    Solution No.5: Security software

    Security software may cause various bugs. The first thing you should try is updating the software if possible. If that does not change a thing, close the program and try to restore or update your device. At the end, you should uninstall the program, and they try to update or restore your iPhone.

    These 5 ways to fix iPhone error 1646 are simple and easy, and for many, extremely useful. We hope you solved the problem, and that you successfully restored or updated your device.

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