Why My iPhone 6s Won't Turn On?

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    iPhone 6s has all the latest technologies including the 3D Touch. It was launched in 2015 and it comes with a retina display, uses the new A9 processor, which is faster than A8 for about 70%. Its new camera feature can support 4K video and can take 63MP panoramic photos. The most famous feature on iPhone 6s is the 3D Touch, which can also recognize force gestures alongside the common gestures. All this sounds awesome, but it doesn't mean the users aren't experiencing any problems. One of the things a few owners reported is that iPhone 6s won't turn on.

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    Solutions To Fix iPhone 6s Won't Turn On

    Solution No 1: Connect it to the charger

    Before you try anything else, connect your device to a power source and let it charge for a while. Even if you are pretty sure the battery was not empty, this can do the trick. After some period of time, a half and hour or more, try to turn it on.

    Solution No 2: Reset the iPhone

    If your iPhone 6s hangs and doesn't react when it's connected to a charger, resetting may fix the problem.

    • Press the power and home button, and hold it for a few seconds
    • If the iPhone 6s won't turn, try this again while it's charging.

    Solution No 3: Connect it to a computer

    After you tried the two methods above, but your iPhone 6s won't turn on, try to connect it to a computer with the installed iTunes software. If a computer can detect your iPhone, it means your iPhone has a problem with its display.

    Solution No 4: Contact or visit Apple Store

    Your iPhone still won't turn on? It's time for you to contact the Apple service provider. If you still have a warranty for your iPhone 6s, you can claim it. However, if the device is out of warranty, consider Apple offers for the repairment.

    Solution No 5: The Advanced methods

    Unplugging the battery, battery replacement, and the replacement of the lighting flex cable can fix the problem. However, if you are not sure how to do any of these things, let the professionals fix the problem.

    • Unplug the battery
    In some cases, the iPhone 6s won't turn on because there is a problem in the power logic board. You can try to reset it by unplugging the battery. Unplug the battery and wait for seconds, then plug it back. Now, try to turn on your iPhone 6s.

    • Replace the battery
    Sometimes, the issue happens because there is a defect on the battery that makes the iPhone 6s won't turn on. Try to replace the battery with the other one and try to turn it on by pressing the power button and/or connect it directly to its charger.

    • Replace the lightning flex cable
    If you try to charge the iPhone when the battery is empty, it will not work because the lightning flex cable is defective. Maybe that's why your iPhone 6s won't turn. You need to a new lightning flex cable connect the iPhone to its charger.

    • Something is wrong with the logic board
    The the next thing to troubleshoot is on the logic board. If there is something wrong with the logic board, the unauthorized Apple technician can replace it.

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