Why My iPhone 6 Won’t Charge?

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    You must admit that you truly enjoy using your iPhone 6. How could you not? It is a great device, with excellent features. But the question is, what to do if your device won’t charge. Don’t worry, because when this issue occurs, it is often only a bug, and you can fix it with ease. We have prepared 5 ways to fix iPhone 6 won’t charge, so make sure to check out these solutions. In case you don’t find them useful, you should go to the Apple store, especially if your device is under warranty.

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    5 ways to fix iPhone 6 won’t charge

    Solution No.1: Restart your device
    To do this, press and hold the sleep/wake button, and slide to turn your phone off. Press and hold the same button, and turn it back on. Try to charge your device again.

    Solution No.2: Turn your iPhone 6 off, and charge it
    If restart did not help, again, turn off your phone, connect it to a wall charger, and leave it that way for a while, because it may charge normally.

    Solution No.3: Clean the iPhone's charging port
    In order to do this, you will need the adequate tool, such as a toothpick, or a small needle. Use the tool to remove dust and dirt from the charging port, but make sure to do it carefully and gently, to avoid any damage.

    Solution No.4: Try both charging options
    If one charging option does not work, for example charging via USB, connect your device to a wall charger. If you tried wall charger, switch to USB.

    Solution No.5: Update iOS
    Is there a new iOS version available? If there is, make sure to get it. When you upgrade your device, the issue will probably be gone.

    • Go to Settings
    • Tap General
    • Tap Software Update
    • Tap Download and Install

    With these 5 ways to fixiPhone6 won’t charge, you will probably solve the issue. If not, then visit the Apple store nearby.

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